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Private and Small Group Tours

We arrange a comprehensive selection of private and small group tours around Greece and the Greek Isles. You can choose from a menu that combines the most famous sights and sites in Greece with selected off the beaten track areas which will leave you astonished with their unparalleled beauty and cultural relevance.

Soft Adventure- Culture- Archeology

These unique tours combine a series of activities such as walking, hiking and, for the more adventurous, rafting. Culture is always at the forefront of our tours, and we embrace all aspects of local heritage and local life. Trust us and our specialist local guides to ensure you are taken back in time on an immersive journey.


The Greeks have always been a great seafaring nation and there is no better way to explore our 16,000 km of coastline and the 1,200 islands of Greece than a cruise. We offer an exquisite range of unique small ship cruises which introduce you to the island and coastal beauties of Greece like no other tour can.

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