About George

George has an MSc in “international Banking and Finance” and began his journey in marketing in 2003, promoting products as an affiliate. He is the founder of “Internet Wizards”, a very successful internet marketing company in Greece.

When George started his business, it was 2011 and Greece was in big financial trouble. At the time was working at Athens international airport as a dispatcher and at the same time he was trying to create an additional income online.

Don’t forget that it is 2011 in Greece, one of the most financial troubled countries in the world. Quitting a job is not something one does light-hearted. It was really tough… He really struggled.

He was working 15 hours a day and was getting no results. He had no social life. All he was focused on was quitting his job and starting his own business. It was very difficult but he figured it out. He discovered that he could not get results because he had a marketing problem.

He discovered that knowing internet marketing tricks doesn’t really cut it. He realized that in order to succeed he needed marketing skills. He became a serious student of marketing and that fact opened the door to success. He first earned 100€ in one day, and soon earned a 1,000€ pay day. He quit his job at the airport and founded Internet Wizards.

Since than he helped hundreds of people earn money online and attract customers to their business. George is considered one of the most successful marketers in Greece. He really understands marketing and knows what it takes to succeed in a very though economic environment.


In this website – georgetampakas.com- you can find valuable information about business success, marketing, productivity and everything an entrepreneur needs to know for succeeding in today’s environment.

In sort, you will learn not only how to create a recession proof business, but also how to enjoy your business and earn more free time.

PS. In this website you will find links to other people products. Some of them are affiliate links. That means that I earn money promoting them. Just wanted to say that I really believe in everything I refer, whether I earn a commission referring them or not. I would never suggest a product or person I don‘t believe in.

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